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Share Trading with Leverage

Ordinarily, you don't receive leverage when you're investing in shares by buying and holding to sell later. But with shared CFDs, you can receive leverage of up to 1:5, effectively increasing your trade position by up to five times.

Control your Rewards and Losses

Place a stop limit on your trade to determine the exit position after the price reaches a predefined level. You can use the stop-loss limit to lock in profits and reduce losses.

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Shares are basically units of ownership in an entity. They dictate how the ownership is divided between shareholders. Both private and public companies issue shares. Publicly held stocks are traded on exchanges such as NASDAQ and offer a company a way to raise funds.

With shares CFDs, there is no need to own the underlying asset. This makes it relatively quick to start trading the shares as you only need to create an account with a broker platform. Anyone can get started as the minimum deposit amount on IFM Investment is as low as $10.

Some of the largest stock sectors based on the total market cap include
  • Oils and energy
  • Finance
  • Computer and technology
  • Medical
  • Utilities

The most critical factor that influences the share prices of a company is demand and supply. Increased demand causes share prices to rise. It may be brought on by several factors, including positive news about the company's performance, industry trends, and overall market sentiment.

When trading shares as CFDs, it's important to conduct adequate market research to find out the overall sentiment of the company. Use technical analysis methods to gauge the overall market trend. But remember to watch out for any unexpected news and events as they can impact the stock market.

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What is a stock market rally?

It's a broad increase in stock prices across a particular stock sector. For instance, share prices of companies such as Apple, Microsoft, or Netflix may simultaneously rise. The increase has to be rapid and persistent to be considered a rally.

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How News and Announcements affect stocks

News releases have a big impact on stock prices as they influence the overall market sentiment. Some of the most consequential news releases include government & economic reports, company performance updates, and even gossip

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Inflation and stocks

Inflation and stock prices have a highly complex relationship that has been explored in many studies. Generally, rising inflation reduces purchasing power. It can impact the company's profits if it doesn’t increase its prices to counter the inflation level.

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