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We provide leverage of up to 1:20 for commodity CFDs. When opening a position with $10, the trade size may be as large as $200. Take note that leverage also multiplies the risks and losses.

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On IFM Investment, you get various tools to manage your profits and losses on every trade. Use stop losses or take profit orders to trigger a buy or sell order once a certain price threshold has been reached. Never lose more than your capital with zero-balance protection.

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A commodity is a raw material or primary input bought and sold in international markets. Traded commodities typically facilitate the production of other goods or services. There are four main categories of commodities, including
  • Agriculture products - Coffee, Tea
  • Livestock and meat commodities- Live cattle, Lean hogs, Pork bellies,
  • Energy - Crude oil, Natural gas, etc.
  • Metals- Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Copper

The top five most traded commodities on the world’s markets are
  • WTI crude oil
  • Brent crude oil
  • Steel
  • Natural gas
  • Gold
IFM Investment offers a great selection of actively traded commodity CFDs.

The biggest driver of commodity prices is supply and demand. Increased supply causes prices to fall. Limited supply places greater demand on the resource boosting the price. Other drivers include currency price movements, geopolitics, and economic performance.

Trading commodities with CFDs is not complicated. Create an account on a broker platform such as IFM Investment. Fund your account with fiat money. Open the chart of the instrument you wish to trade. Initiate a BUY or Sell order based on your assessment of whether the price will increase or fall.

To build a commodity trading strategy, choose the overall trading style you prefer such as position or day trading. Learn all about fundamental analysis focusing on assessing volatility caused by real-world events such as geopolitical tensions, economic performance, or central bank policies. Find out how to pair fundamental analysis with technical analysis that focuses on analyzing the price charts to gauge the market direction.

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How to trade Gold

Gold is the oldest currency on the globe. To trade Gold, know what moves its price. The top factors include inflation, deflation, supply, demand, uncertainty, and fear about the future.

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What to know when trading

Silver is a precious metal often utilized as a safe-haven asset as it’s regarded to be safe from inflation. To trade silver, investors should consider reasons that cause its price to vary including demand for other metals such as copper or lead.

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How to trade oil commodity

Two of the most utilized methods to trade crude oil without the hassle of owning or paying for storage entail trading futures contracts or CFD trading. Regardless of the method utilized, investors must know how to come up with accurate price predictions.

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