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We provide a free demo trading account for commodities, metals, FX pairs, cryptos, and other instruments. Become sharper without risking your capital.

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Open long or short positions
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Do you want to become a confident trader? Feel how it means to trade on real markets with IFM Investment’ demo account. Refine your strategies on live markets with actual spot prices. Use all our indicators and charts. Once you’re ready, switch to the real account with a click.

How to create a new demo account on IFM Investment?
  • Sign-up for an IFM Investment account at zero fees
  • Switch to the Demo interface from your dashboard
  • Choose an instrument and practice with virtual money (*automatically replenished)
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Unrivaled Trading Features on IFM Investment

Curious about our platform? Sample the full capabilities of our Forex trading platform with a free demo account:

  • Neat and well-designed for all levels
  • Advanced indicators and plotting tools for technical analysis
  • Risk-management tools: stop loss and take-profit orders
  • Social trading features coming soon
  • Diversify your portfolio with stock investment opportunities
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Markets You Can Trade with an IFM Investment Demo Account

100+ instruments from liquid global markets







Why practice trading with a
free demo trading account?

Our demo trading simulator is an invaluable tool for beginners and expert traders. It offers a risk-free environment for anyone to try out their strategies or learn about new markets. New traders will have an excellent introduction to the rhythms and psychology of making profits and losses. Using a trading simulator can nurture good budget and risk management habits.

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Learn More About our Demo Account

Got questions about using a forex trading simulator? We have answers:

A demo trading account is a separate account offered by a trading platform for the purposes of allowing traders to practice their trades on live markets, but with virtual currency.

The primary difference is that you'll be trading using virtual currency on a demo account but with real funds on a live account. All other aspects remain the same, for instance, spot prices, indicators, charts, social trading features, and trading environment.

On IFM Investment, create an account from this page. Complete the signup process, and log into your dashboard. That’s all it takes!

In your dashboard, you can switch between your real and virtual accounts from the menu without having to log into a separate account.

The demo account will be funded with virtual currency that you can start using to make practice trades. Once the balance falls below a certain threshold, our system will automatically replenish it.

The practice account is suitable and highly recommended for beginners. Day trading can be incredibly fast-paced, and it's important to be familiar with how the markets and platform work.

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Trade a wide range of financial instruments as CFDs on IFM Investment: Spot metals, Forex pairs, Commodities, Indices, Cryptos.


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